We can help you with....


* Career Counseling


* Test Qualifying



visit the website at

  1. Select sign in from that page
  2. At the sign in page select AT&T from Column 2
  3. Your user name is ATT plus your attuid and your password is your attuid. (The userid and pw must be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS.)
  4. Select the test you want to take.

* Educational Assistance

While you are an active employee you are entitled to $4000/year for any degree program from an accredited school with a $600 cap per course. Lab fees are covered; however, all other fees are not covered by PARTNERSHIP.

You are also entitled to $500/year for non-degree non-company related course work. 

Courses must be taken after hours at an accredited educational institution ( may be Correspondence or Instructor led).

Visit HR One Stop. Login and go to the ’Your Career' page for further information.